It’s funny to feel the changes that I go through and think, “what am I doing?” then to go back and read and watch documentaries of artist and realize… hmmm this is just how it goes some times.

When I got back into painting and art a few years back. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I also didnt know why I was doing it. We all have some natural gifts and I kinda feel like we have a responsibility to use those gifts. So even though I dont feel like dragging my instruments out into the sub-zero weather to play music in a dark smelly bar, some one wants to appreciate what I do, and I’ve got this “gift” so I should go and do it. So, when my wife started pushing me to paint again, I assumed this same idea. I have a talent for art, even if the execution is not always what I’m hoping for and it comes out a bit immature. I owe it to myself and to the gift to try to figure out what to do with it.

So, I started painting. First thing I painted sold. So there must be some interest or appreciation. I’m a big believer in art connecting with people and letting people gather their own story from what they see. My early works we about trying to give personalities to lifeless objects or beings… robots, voodoo dolls, skulls…. I still love that stuff. I moved onto creating emotion clusters of shapes and finding and developing the figures found with-in. Then, some random series of beings based on my kids, a lot of distorted selfies and portraits. But all the time doing these… art pieces, studies of lines,  squiggles and colors, that create places, emotions and escapes into the mind. And they look good in the home too as decoration… And in these pieces I feel most at home.

So, in this next year I will be painting, ipading, screen printing and generally creating this more modernist, abstracted view my world.

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