Stayed up and finished a few pieces. Touching up the sides and adding signatures and such. But the big painting that has been up on the easel and looming large over the kitchen is Obama.

I had sketched him months ago with the intention of it being a smaller 16×20″ painting. But after painting Elvis at 3’x4′ I new that the Obama should be large. I don’t know how to explain how I choose scale for these images, sometimes it has more to do with what’s at hand. But this time I wanted to do this painting very large ( I always prefer large but I don’t have the room).

So, I came across a deal and picked up a few more 3’x4′ canvases. A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted Oboma complete for the Artomatic opening. So I did the base coat, roughed in shapes and colors and by the end of the night is was 80% complete. Then it sat there in the corner, taunting me. Finally last night I got off my butt and finished it up.

Come see Obama at Artomatic opening Oct 30th!

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